Cornish Cross

A phone call with little cheeps in the background lets us know that the Cornish Cross chicks have arrived.  After picking them up from our local post office they are housed in a warm, dry brooding house that is lined with rice hulls for bedding and a warming lamp to make sure they stay at the right temperature during this critical time.  Fresh water and a custom milled chick feed helps them get off on a great start to being able to maintain their body temperature.  Once they are thriving without the heater they are moved to the portable chicken houses in our pastures.  Everyday they are moved to a new location so they are able to forage to their hearts content on the bugs and fresh grass.  Oyster shells give them the grit they need as they grow quickly without the use of vaccines, hormones or antibiotics.  Once they reach the right weight they are processed in our state approved facility on the farm.  We keep them as calm as possible to make sure the bird is not stressed.  They are packaged in either whole or cuts in our specially designed bags that are double sealed to keep the meat at the peak of freshness. Because we strongly believe that all parts of the animal are to be used we are proud to say that not one thing from the chicken is thrown away.  All parts, including the stock bones and feet, are packaged and then passed on to be made into delicious broths.  The ofal is composted with rice hulls to make a useable product that can be returned back to the earth.


Common Questions

Are you certified organic?

At this time we are not certified organic however we are working towards that.  Our farm is in the middle of the required 3 year time period where the land has to be “reset” by not using any prohibited chemicals.

Do the chickens have access to pasture year round?

We have specially designed chicken hutches that allows our chickens to have access to pasture 24/7.  The hutches provide protection from the elements and are moved daily to ensure they have fresh grass/ bugs to eat.

What is the average size of the whole bird?

We try to keep the packaged bird at around 4.5 lbs.

Can you deliver over state lines?

Until our processing plant is under full USDA inspection we are limited to only delivering in the state of Louisiana.  We do have plans to become full USDA inspected in the future.