The farrowing hutches are full early spring and fall with the litters of our pastured pork.  Our handpicked breeding stock are top of the line with their kind attitude and high quality meat.  When the piglets are weaned they are moved to a pasture that is planted in fresh dark green rye and turnips.  A custom locally milled feed is supplemented to help round out their diet.  With our natural approach we are able to raise healthy hogs with zero antibiotics, medications or vaccines.  Our hand picked Berkshire hogs breeding stock are known for a wonderful fat/meat ratio that makes a very tender marbled meat that is great for traditionally smoked bacon!



Common FAQ's

Are you certified organic?

At this time we are not certified organic however we are working towards that.  Our farm is in the middle of the required 3 year time period where the land has to be “reset” by not using any prohibited chemicals.

Do the pigs have access to pasture year round?

The pigs have access to several acres of the farm.  From rye grass to the hardwood bottoms they are able to forage to their hearts content on whatever they like. On hot summer days you will find them eyeball deep in the creek bottom cooling off..

Do I have to buy the whole hog?

As of now you can purchase 1/2 ( 100-110 lbs) to the whole hog ( 200-220 lb). You will be sent a packaging paper where can specify what cuts you would like after the deposit is placed.  All of the pork is processed at a local butcher.

Can I buy a live piglet?

We do have live piglets ( up to 250 lbs) at certain times that are open for purchasing.  Buyer must provide truck/ trailer and schedule a loading date at time of purchase.  For live inquiries please call 337.396.0579..