Our Cinnamon Queens live the life in the pasture.  By using pasture rotation they have access to fresh grass and bugs everyday.  The yolks have a deep yellow color that are full of healthy vitamin and fats.  Perfect for making homemade pasta to mix with some of our ground chicken or pork.In order to keep our girls in optimal health they are supplemented with a locally milled feed that has a custom blend of minerals added.  During the day they are allowed to roam inside of the electric netting to keep them safe from predators and at night they sleep in the portable coop to make sure they stay dry, warm and safe. The eggs are sorted, hand washed, packaged in recyclable containers and dated before being placed in our cooler.



Common FAQ's

Are you certified organic?

At this time we are not certified organic however we are working towards that.  Our farm is in the middle of the required 3 year time period where the land has to be “reset” by not using any prohibited chemicals.

Do the hens have access to pasture year round?

The hens are let out on a daily basis at daylight.  During the rain they take shelter under the converted cotton trailer that they call home to keep from getting to wet.

Are the eggs graded?

Eggs of all shapes and sizes are included in the cartons.  Cinnamon Queens are known for their large brown egg so most are of constant sizing.  Every once in a while a large double yolk-er will be in the mix.

Do they need to be refrigerated?

Since the eggs have been wiped they will need to be kept according to the FDA safe handling recommendations.

Is the carton recyclable?

Our eggs are packed in special cartons that are designed to be composted after the eggs have been used.  Just throw it in the compost pile and watch the paper go back into the soil.