Our Ethics


How We Operate

Our top priority on the farm is respect. Respect for the animals, respect for the earth and respect for our community. Everything we do on the farm takes two things into consideration: 1) How is this going to impact the health of the animals and 2) How is this going to impact the environment. By using these principles we have been able to create an environment that allows for our animals to be healthy in their natural habitat. On any given day you will find the Cornish cross chickens grazing on the fresh green grass, the laying hens chasing crickets and the pigs sun bathing in the creek bottom.


What We Stand For

Greener Pastures Farm, LLC stands firm on providing our customers with the highest quality product we can.  All animals are treated with the upmost respect for both their lives and their living conditions.  Our main goal is to cultivate a strong farm to table presence in the SWLA region to bring people back to the farm where they can see where their food comes from.


Our Promise To You

Greener Pastures Farm, LLC is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of care.  We offer 100% transparency through all of our farming practices and encourage questions to be asked.  We work with state officials to make sure that all of our products are safe and legal for consumption.  We are always improving our systems by attending educational courses from the best in our field so that we are able to help the earth, help our customers and take the best care of our animals.