From the Farm: July


From the Farm: July


We’re in the dead of summer down here in SWLA. The heat index has been through the roof, regular summer storms are hitting and everyone is covered in a layer of dirt at the end of the day. The air is heavy and it feel so think that you could cut it with a knife. We did have a “cold” front move through last week so there was some short lived relief but it did bring torrential downpours.


The heat can really impact a layers egg production but thankfully we’ve managed to keep ours at a steady rate. The farm hands spend hours each day making sure that the layers have plenty of cool water and shade to keep them as comfortable as we can. Our Thanksgiving turkeys came in a little early but they are growing amazingly. They should be ready in plenty of time for your celebrations. We will be taking names for those who would like to purchase one so stay on the look out for the sign up form. The meat birds have been thoroughly enjoying the seed mix we planted in the fall. They had a wide variety of lush greens far into the summer and are now enjoying the mix of sunflowers with turnips mixed in.


The sows have all farrowed so now we have little black and white piglets causing mischief around the farm. The little piglets manage to sneak their way out of the fences and run around the yard playing with Bo, our GP, even though his job is to keep them in their pen. They spend hours chasing each other and digging into anything that they can so everyone is happy when they grow too big to sneak out.


At the end of July we started rolling out drop locations for our co-op! As of now we have a stop in Scott, La and a stop is Sulphur, La with plans on adding more in the near future. If you are interested in finding a drop location or being a drop coordinator please click here.

We have a ton of new things coming in the near future that we are so excited for! Like always thank you so much for your continued support.