From The Farm


January always means rain. Copious amounts of rain falling, soaking into the already water logged earth. A thick layer of mud evenly coats the equipment, fields and even the farm hands at the end of a long day. To put it bluntly we are all tired of winter. Louisiana has outdone itself in consistently pushing all four seasons into one week since December. Yesterday the rain ceased leaving us with temperatures in the low 70’s and sunshine. Today the misty rain steadily falls as the temps struggle to stay in the high 50’s. Compared to the states experiencing the polar vortex right now it seems silly to even complain.

From The Field

The fields are beginning to turn green. The lush winter mix that was planted is loving the cold snaps we’ve been having which makes for very happy animals on the farm. Our sows have all farrowed with all but one starting the weaning process. The piglets are causing all kinds of ruckus on the farm with their shenanigans. They are small, fast and manage to get out of every single fence we have on the farm. My poor winter garden was thoroughly enjoyed in free for all which lasted a total of 30 minutes. By the remaining evidence I believe its safe to assume the late dutch variety of cabbage was a hit. Maybe next year I’ll actually be able to try it! Recently we set up another brooder to increase the amount of chicks we are raising on a weekly basis. Jon wanted to try a new style of water line that so far has proven to be a very effective system. I was worried the chicks would have a hard time figuring out the new nipple/cup combo but those worries were short lived. Within seconds of removing the chicks from the shipping boxes they were drinking with zero problems.

Market Report

  • We just restocked all our entire line of pork products. Singer Feed & General will have a wide selection in the Greener Pastures cooler.

  • Eggs should start increasing soon once the days start lengthening again. The sunlight and fresh grass really helps boost production.

  • We are still looking for co-op drop spot coordinators for Lake Charles, Leesville, Jennings, Lafayette and Baton Rouge. If you are interested please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and I will be in contact with you.

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